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[kleo_gap size=”40px”][kleo_grid animation=”yes”][kleo_feature_item icon=”group” icon_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.75)”]Dive into the fascinating world of Cosmetology meets fashion and the professionals that make it all happen, not only in America, but across the world. Get the latest on Celebrities in beauty, news, events and other exclusives via television and our website.[/kleo_feature_item][kleo_feature_item icon=”users-1″ icon_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.75)”]Create your professional profile and upload videos, photos and audio. Find and post jobs, come work with us and be part of family that’s embracing the future. Get listed in our world class beauty directory. Get on T.V., become a model or an actor for some of our season premiers and show lineups. We have 12 genres to choose from. Create your own channel; you produce it and we’ll air. Guidelines apply.[/kleo_feature_item][kleo_feature_item icon=”emo-happy” icon_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.75)”]Can’t make some of the beauty shows and trade events? WE have a state of the art Expo kios where yo can get in touch with vendor professionals and representative, shop, and get the latest news, training c,asses, seminars, events, and more.[/kleo_feature_item][/kleo_grid]
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We are a television network in our first year in production. We know that many may not be ready to embrace the impending future of professional beauty media via television, cable, on-line subscriptions and media websites. However, we strong visions, goals and direction in pushing forward to meet that future, becoming the world standard of professional cosmetology television media.

We work with a highly connected, collaborative and technically advanced producer and Cosmetologist himself, Mr. Symphony; the builder of this site as well, who has nothing but your  beauty future and interests in mind for your your advancement. He even created a Connection Center to match and connect you with the right people for all types of networking with state of the art precision that’s even better than dating sites. A connection resource that is flat out the best in the world. Membership with us is bright for you as a member. For example, produce a show, whether it be a series, reality, showcasing, training, or anything else that pertains to professional cosmetology or fashion design, and have members subscribe to it. It’s fun, easy, and you gain from it on many levels.

So jump on board and meet the future of professional beauty broadcast with us.  As this is our first season, opportunities for you abound while they are available, and the benefits will be undoubtly be rewarding. Thank you and welcome.

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